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With much our electricity coming through interconnectors from abroad, damage to these causes jumps in prices and potential disruption of supply. Beaming power could provide a solution in future, where power could be seamlessly switched between locations without the need for costly connecting infrastructure.

‘The UK government should cut rising energy bills by getting rid of levies that subsidise renewable energy, the boss of E.On UK has said.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Michael Lewis said green subsidies should be funded through tax instead. Regulators have warned that consumer energy bills will be hit by soaring prices of fossil fuels globally. Wholesale energy prices rose on Thursday after a key electricity cable between Britain and France shut down.

Mr Lewis said: “This is going to be a very challenging winter for customers and for suppliers and there is a real short-term imperative to do what we can to help consumers.” Green levies account for around a quarter of energy bills, he said.’

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