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Exploiting the full potential of Space Based Solar Power requires close collaboration of experts in the fields of energy, manufacturing, space, and digital.

In conjunction, there will need to be an ambitious multi-lateral partnership between industry, government, and academia. With this collaboration we will be able to explore new use cases, develop innovative products and services, decrease the time to market of these products and services and shape the future of our energy supply and economic horizons in space.

Organisations are invited to participate in shaping the future of Space Based Solar Power by becoming members of the SEI. These will be organisations researching, creating, funding or implementing solutions. Members will become part of SEI and in varying degrees, based on organisational preferences and priorities, contribute to the development of SEI and its mission.

All SEI members will be recognised on the SEI website and in relevant materials. We welcome expressions of interest from stakeholders with relevant capabilities and a strong interest in this enterprise. We offer members the opportunity to engage in a number of ways:

Core team and working groups

The SEI is seeking organisations who would like to work collaboratively, and initially in-kind, to develop the program of activities and management of the initiative and influence the strategic objectives and outputs. Members support the management and delivery of activity in each of the programs by engaging in activities such as:

  • Establishing the vehicle / mechanism for the SEI that is sustainable and delivers progression and proportional commercial benefit to its members;
  • Acting as guardians and advisors of the SEI’s activities and projects;
  • Contributing to multi-sector working groups, across technical, funding, communications, strategy, industrial capability, environmental and regulation;
  • Promoting Space Based Solar Power Research and Development uptake for commercial application;

Space, Energy, Digital and Manufacturing

Space, Energy, Digital, and Manufacturing organisations with technical know-how, capability, resource, IP that could be linked into the SEI Research, Development, and Innovation programs. Members support the delivery of projects and technical development of the SEI.

Early Adoption and Channel to Market

Commercial entities (Utility Providers, Energy Producers, etc.) interested in exploring channels to market for cutting-edge innovative solutions. Members could make a financial or in-kind investment in the initiative to open channels to market and support the development of business sustainability during the innovation and commercialisation phases.

The Initiative will provide benefit to its partners through:

  • Collaborative research and development of key technologies and capabilities, such as in-orbit robotics, wireless power transmission, solid state RF power electronics, and lightweight structures.
  • Generation of IP and spill over applications for commercial exploitation in other markets.
  • International partnerships and the development of new markets for products and services.
  • Volume manufacturing of space and ground based systems.

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