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Eleftherios E. Gdoutos, Christophe Leclerc, Fabien Royer, Michael D. Kelzenberg, Emily C. Warmann, Pilar Espinet-Gonzalez, Nina Vaidya, Florian Bohn, Behrooz Abiri, Mohammed R. Hashemi, Matan Gal-Katziri, Austin Fikes, Harry A. Atwater, Ali Hajimiri, and Sergio Pellegrino.


We demonstrate the development of a prototype lightweight (1.5 kg/m2) tile structure capable of photovoltaic solar power capture, conversion to radio frequency power, and transmission through antennas. This modular tile can be repeated over an arbitrary area
to form a large aperture which could be placed in orbit to collect sunlight and transmit electricity to any location. Prototype design is described and validated through finite element analysis, and high-precision ultra-light component manufacture and robust assembly
are described.

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